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Moving Services in Maplewood, Minnesota

Premium Moving Services cares about our Maplewood customers. We provide the Maplewood area with the best moving services in the Twin cities. We are here to help you move your Maplewood home or business.

Maplewood, Minnesota is a suburb of 38,000 people in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. It is a city in Ramsey County and located about 15 minutes from downtown Saint Paul. Our office is in this suburb, we provide very affordable moving quotes. We are very dependable as well

Moving Tips for Maplewood residents:


Make a Moving Checklist

– Plan week by week

– Go through every room of your house/apartment and determine what you’d like to keep and what you can get rid of. Have a garage sale, donate useful items.

– Formulate a plan to personally transport your personal belongings to your new home like jewelry and other valuable pieces if possible.

Get Packing Supplies

– Purchase or get free boxes of all sort (small, medium, large, and wardrobe). Specialty boxes are also a good investment to transport (dishes, electronics, office files and wall art) etc.

– Get plenty of tape.  Also shrink and bubble wrap and mattress bags if necessary.

Boxing It All Up

– Pay close attention when packing​

– Label all boxes

– Pack heavy items like books, tools, canned goods and knick-knacks in small boxes.

– For medium boxes, pack smaller household items, games, shoes, coffee makers, pots and pans.

– Pack bulky, light items into large boxes: lampshades, blankets, pillows, stereo speaker, towels and linens.


– Always be present or have someone available to direct the movers into your new place.

– Do a walk through with the movers

– Plan a designated landing spot for big furniture beforehand.

– After the truck is completely empty, do a final walk through.