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Just in time for moving season, we’ve put together some packing and organizing tips to prepare you for a smooth and successful move. Taking the time to plan ahead and get organized will help you for the big day. Using these tips will also help you determine if you need any moving help. Whether you’re moving a one-bedroom apartment or a four-bedroom house, here are the must-do tips for your move:


Start by getting rid of unwanted junk as soon as you find out you are moving. This always takes longer than you think.

Order Boxes & Other Packing Supplies

Order a lot of boxes! It’s better to have too many than not enough. Be sure to get a variety of sizes including small, medium, and wardrobe-sized boxes. Don’t forget the packing tape, a tape gun, and packing paper. All of these tools along with the assistance of Premium Moving Services will help you have a successful move.  Premium Moving Service will make sure your stuff arrives at your new home safely and put your mind at ease.  

Packing the Boxes

Label every box so you know what’s in it and which room it will go in. Pack the same room in the same box. This will make unpacking much easier. When packing a heavy item, use a smaller box because it is easier to carry heavier items when they’re in smaller boxes. Use the larger boxes for lighter items. Never over-pack a box and make sure to finish all the packing before moving day. Have everything ready to be loaded when the Premium Moving team shows up.


Prep your furniture for the move. Remove all items from your dressers and desks. Make sure all furniture is disassembled in advance; it always takes longer than you think. If you need any moving help with the reassembly of furniture Premium Moving Services can do that too!

Parking the Moving Truck

Before the day of your move, make sure you know where you’re allowed to park the truck to load and unload. It’s best to park the truck in a spot where a ramp can easily be set up.

Moving Day

Before the moving truck arrives, prepare the inside and outside of your home to prevent accidents. Clear all pathways throughout the house and up to the truck, use door stoppers on doors, add ramps if you have them.

Last In, First Out

What do you want to unpack first in your new home? These boxes will need to go on the truck last. Let the Premium Moving team know which boxes you’d like packed last to speed up your unpacking time when you get to your new home.

Important Things

Don’t pack jewelry, prescription medications, toiletries, or cash. The best idea is to pack an overnight bag with these items with clothes for the next day.

Work Smart

Hire Premium Moving Services to do all the heavy lifting! We are a top moving company in Minneapolis. Premium Moving Service will put your mind at ease and take care of loading and unloading your items. Sit back and relax while we do all the work! 

If you follow these tips, your move should be smooth on moving day. The more prepared you are ahead of time, the easier your move will be. If you need any more suggestions on how to make your moving day easier, give Premium Moving Services a call today at 651-757-5135.

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