Frequently asked questions

Please Read Our Most Asked Question By Our trusted Clients:

You can us reach directly by calling 651-757-5135 or fill out our online quote form.

We will come to you if you are within 50 miles of Saint Paul. 

A thorough assessment of the content to be moved and all surrounding factors. You will be given an estimated time and cost based the requested service. We will answer any questions or concerns to make sure everything is transparent.

Please contact us as soon as possible at 651-757-5135 or email:

Our experienced packers safely and efficiently pack boxes. We can provide all the packing supplies including:

  1.  Boxes
  2. Packing tape
  3. Shrink wrap
  4. Mattress bags
  5. And more!
Start your moving preparation well in advance and pay very close attention to small details.
  • Declutter your home
  • Create an inventory of all items to be moved
  • Clean and organize all items that will be packed and transported to your new home
  • Unplug all electrical appliances and electronics to be moved
  • Arrange to be present on moving day
A simple change of address is merely enough to get your mail forwarded.
Also make sure, you notify:
  • Family & friends
  • Utilities, cable, phone and internet providers
  • Credit card and both health and insurance companies
  • Your child’s school and doctor office etc.

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