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Premium Moving Services is a registered mover with the state of MN

Our Services – Minnesota Movers

Because each move is unique, we’ll work with you to make sure it’s done in an organized and safe fashion.

At Premium Moving Services you will get the best moving services in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. We are equipped to help with your moving process whether it be for your home or commercial business, and are dedicated to having you covered. For years we having been building a more experienced staff and ensuring that our process goes as smoothly as possible.

We have a dedicated and experienced staff that can handle whatever situation is presented to them. Knowing every situation is unique, our staff makes a point to ensure your job is completed in a safe and organized fashion.

Before getting started on the physical move, here are some tips for your home move and commercial move. As your partner in the moving business, we will work with you through the whole process from start to finish.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions or requests specific to your move. We are a versatile company and can tailor our services to your specific job.

View our different kinds of moving services below.

Full-Service Packing

Unpacking & Debris Removal

Stretch Wrapping of Furniture


Home Movers
Premium Moving Services is your partner in the homing moving business. Through our experienced staff, you can expect efficiency and quality in all the work completed.
Office & Commercial Movers

Whether the task at hand is transferring from one office space to another or simply moving furniture and equipment within the same building, Premium Moving Services can assist. Let us do the moving to the new location.

Clear Customer Expectations

Our staff will be up front with you sharing the Minnesota laws surrounding moving and any other relevant work, as well as being transparent through this entire process ensuring a peace of mind from start to finish.


Employee Training

At Premium Moving Services, we make that all of our employees are receiving the same training so consistency can be seen across all our jobs. To ensure this is done, all new hires do a required training program and learn how to safely and efficiently pack and move in a variety of situations. While we work specifically with new hires, our other staff members also receive training refreshers and are constantly evaluating new ways to make sure we are operating safely and ensuring the highest customer satisfaction.


St. Paul Minnesota Movers

Premium Moving Services is committed to ensuring our customers are receiving the highest quality of service offered. As a company, we ensure this through having our employees offer assistance, discretion, and support ethical and safe behavior above all else. Our goal is as your moving partner to alleviate any stress you may experience and to ensure your move is as seamless as possible.

Moving Checklist

Get your moving guide and custom quote

  • Purchase the necessary supplies for your move.
  • Begin preparing your boxes and deciding what you will be bringing with you.
  • Notify all the necessary parties of your move.
  • Create your day-of bag that includes all the things you will keep with you during the move.
  • Cancel all services at your current location and transfer the address to your new location.
  • Label all your boxes and have destinations written on them for your new location.